How To Stay Healthy In An Office

Suffice to say, the traditional office environment is typically not conducive to healthful habits.  From staring at computer screens for hours on end to sitting at your desk all day to ordering in food or surviving on [...]

5 Unique First Date Ideas for This Weekend

So, you have a date!  Whether you've finally asked out that person you see every day at your local cafe, swiped and matched with promising person online, or hit it off with a mutual friend, this all [...]

Tempted to go vegan? You need to try these easy dishes!

Whatever your motivation (What the Health, anyone!?), if you are curious as to what life would be like as a vegan - or as a high plant-based foodie - there is the perfect time to get [...]

Societe is a finalist!

Exciting news is in order, Societe Issue #05 & #06 designed by McCarthy are finalists in the ‘Best Design Awards 2017’ Our two beautiful issues are ‘One of the Best’ in the Best of the [...]

These Simple Daily Rituals Will Instantly Increase Your Happiness

Isn't it true that the mood you wake up in often sets the tone for the rest of your day?  However, for those of us who are not morning persons, starting off on the right [...]

5 Ways to Begin Decluttering Your Home Now

There is something refreshing about taking a moment and decluttering your home.  During Winter it is easy to hibernate and accumulate one-too-many things that you don't need.  Spring may not be here quite yet, but [...]

These 5 Sustainable Living Instagram Accounts Will Inspire You To Go Green

It's no secret that Instagram delivers constant inspiration on the daily!  Depending on whose feed we're looking at, it may inspire us to hit the gym, do some food prep, book a holiday or some new must-have clothing. [...]

Why The European Court of Human Rights Ruled That Sex Is Important In Your 50s

It has been scientifically proven that sex is good for our health, and that sexual fulfilment for women increases as they get older (specifically women 45 and up), so why is it that society's perception [...]

Get Ready To Meet Your Favourite New Side Dish: Avocado Rice!

If there's one food we can't get enough of, it has to be the humble avocado.  We eat avocados blended in our morning smoothie, chopped up over our lunch-time salad, and smashed into a quick guac [...]

Winter Destinations, for when a blanket won’t do….

It's time to make the most of Winter before it disappears for another year. Many of us are itching for the sun to stay out all day & wave goodbye to the Winter Blues, but [...]

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