To Lucas Parkinson, owner of Wanaka’s newest urbane restaurant, Ode, living up to a high standard of environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with delivering impressive and dignified food. Ode operates based on a business [...]

Look, See, Feel – 5 Podcast discussions to ponder this month

  May can be a month of monotony. Everything seems to move in slow motion as we brace ourselves for the colder months that seem to push a greater need for mental tactics [...]

Grow up – navigating the milestone of middle age

    Midlife crisis is a term often used very flippantly. A concept that has been the butt of many jokes serving as an attempt to dismiss feelings of existential anxiety and life [...]

The science of society series – debunking human behaviour (part III)

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power" - Abraham Lincoln   When someone comes into sudden possession of power and leadership, [...]

Broadly Speaking Event

Broadly Speaking is back in Christchurch on Tuesday 15th March with 6 influential key speakers 'telling it as it is'. After first starting in 2015 and hosting their first Auckland Event last month, it is [...]

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

If your planning to be hanging around California in May, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival may be a great event to visit. Providing opportunity to rediscover amazing productions immersed in the Californian culture, this 34th Film [...]

Pepa – Spreading the word for awareness month

Pepa Stationary is far from your usual nick nick store consisting of pencils and diaries. Ami, owner of the gorgeous store located in The Arts Centre, is taking the next step in reminding the world [...]

Another kind of life – London exhibition

Another kind of life  Photography on the margins exhibition in London. This exhibition is one dedicated to those who live on the margins of society’s standards. Countercultures, subcultures, drag queens, artists of circus, gang members; [...]

Guernica in Paris

Heading to Paris? This event is one to put on your holiday list. The Picasso museum in Paris is dedicating an exhibition to ‘Guernica’ –an original Pablo Picasso oil painting, classed as his most famous work. [...]

The science of society series – debunking human behaviour (part II)

  “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes.” - Walt Whitman     Social science study number 2:   Confirmation Bias - Confirmation bias [...]

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