Which hairstyle suits your body shape, not just your face shape?

We all want to look our best and find a style that is flattering head-to-toe. We wouldn’t wear jeans that didn’t fit, or select a dress in a colour that clashed with our skin tone, but we regularly choose our hairstyles without pausing to think abouthow that look would best work with our overall body shape. Not only should your hairstyle flatteryour face shape and the natural texture of the hair, but it should also suit your body shape to ensure you look your very best! Finding the perfect hair cut to flatter yourbody shape may seem a little tricky at first, but this guide will help you along the way to select your hairstyle.


Curvy and Full

If you have a curvy body, the right haircut can flatter all of your gorgeous curves.

Do: Show off the most slimming curve of all, your neck and shoulders. Your go-to should be layered, medium-length cuts with angles such as side-parts and long side fringes. Long hairstyles are also flattering, but make sure you don’t add to much volume or width. Sleeker styles also work well.

Don’t: Avoid haircuts that are very short or cropped close to the head because it can make you look fuller. Also, avoid very long and full curly hairstyles with round shapes as this can add too much weight to your look.


Athletic and Tall

This is the ‘oval face’ of body types. It is considered ideal because most hairstyles will look good with this body type. You have lots of options! So make your face shape and hair texture your primary deciding factors.

Do: Experiment with hairstyles to see what flatters your hair texture and face shape. Your body type works best with most hairstyles.

Don’t: Forget the old standby ponytail – Leave that style for gym time! Flatter your figure with soft, feminine styles with some length and wave. Again it’s about proportion and making sure your head is in balance with your body, so super short doesn’t work with super tall (try to avoid the pinhead look!).



As a petite woman, you know that you always have to make choices that work with your small-framed proportions and your hairstyle should be no different.

Do: A short to medium length haircut with layers and subtle volume near the crown is a good option. Try a chin-to-shoulder length bob style (the ‘lob’ is a the height of fashion right now!). Hairstyles with gentle wavy texture are also another good option for styling.

Don’t: The extremes are the worst options for petite women. Stay away from hairstyles that are too short or too long because thy might make you appear smaller. Also avoid anything that can fall into the “cute” category, like high ponytails, braids and pigtails for a sophisticated look.


Slim and Straight

The ultimate goal for this body shape is to add some volume and curves, and the perfect place to do so is with your hair.

Do: Try hairstyles that add width to your hair. Wavy / chunky hair adds a slight feminine touch to your figure. A long fringe, angles and layers are also flattering.

Don’t: Try not to go too big with the volume or it will take over your body. Also, don’t go too short because the look may be too masculine. Finally, avoid straight and sleek styles as this can emphasise your slim and straight figure.


Images by Louis Vuitton and Reuters