Grace Hall


There are plenty of people doing plenty of things to try and change the world. And while some people might think that to make a global difference you have to do something big, bold and amazing, the simple truth is that you can make a difference to the world we live in by making some slight changes to the way you do the things that make up your daily routine.

That was exactly the message of two girls who started a website in 2014 named Be an Unfucker ( Their message is simple: people have fucked up the planet, but it is those very people that can do simple things to try and unfuck the damage that’s already occurred. Their idea is that by doing simple things like taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, having your espresso made in a reusable cup and taking shorter showers in the morning, you can make a difference. While those might seem like obvious things to do, there aren’t enough people doing them.

In addition to the obvious steps that you can take to minimise the impact you’re having on the environment, there are a number of things you can do right here in Christchurch to make the world a better place, while still enjoying the best things in life. Instead of buying beer in multiple cans or bottles, pay a visit to Punky Brewster, the city’s coolest, utterly kitsch craft beer fillery, where you pay by the litre to have your own rigger filled up with any of the many craft beers on tap that are sourced from around the country and the globe. The less non-degradable packaging to result from a few Friday night brews the better.

We know it can be difficult to go without things that we take for granted, like plastic shopping bags and disposable coffee cups. But going without them is your chance to make a difference to the planet. A new, local social enterprise is helping to make going without something easy and rewarding. Two Weeks Without challenges individuals and businesses to give up something for two weeks and to see the difference they can make. How about giving up meat for two weeks to  try and make a contribution to reducing the impact of intensive farming on the environment? Or perhaps giving up driving your car for two weeks? See how great you will feel when you make a little change every day.