Marcia from Société sat down recently with Warren Matthews, Chairman of Xtend Life to talk lifestyle supplements and whether they really actually work…

Why should people take supplements?

Quality supplementation is one of the best investments we can make for our future. Supplements aid the protection and maintenance of our different bodily systems, and can help reduce the risk of degenerative conditions. Ideally, we should be able to get most of the nutrients we need from our diet. However, because of modern food processing and nutrient depleted soils, we end up missing out on key essential nutrients we  need for good health.


How do people know what supplements to take?
There is so much involved with choosing the right nutritional supplement. A first step would be to look for a company that is transparent with their ingredient specifications, quality, testing, and manufacturing processes. Ensure you do your research into the different forms of vitamins and other nutrients. Cheaper manufacturers use synthetic, poor quality ingredients that can end up causing more harm than good.


Is medical advice needed before taking supplements?
Unfortunately, many doctors have limited knowledge on the subject because their training is based on intervention using drug protocols rather than prevention and maintaining optimal health. However, if you are currently on medication, and considering taking a supplement, it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor. This is just to ensure there will not be a negative reaction between the supplement and your medication.


What is the biggest myth about health supplements that you would like to address?
There are a number of myths about supplements, so it is difficult to say which is the biggest. One of the common myths I hear, is the myth that ‘more is better’. That is definitely not the case. Customers are often confused by marketing hype promoting large amounts of a vitamin or the size of the bottle. Instead, look for products that use natural forms of vitamins which are more bio-available. It means that you don’t need great quantities of the ingredient to get benefits, as bio-available ingredients are far more effective.


What’s the difference between supermarket supplements and Xtend Life supplements?
Quality. We source the best ingredients from all around the world and have spent years carefully formulating our products. This means you get comprehensive well-rounded products containing the best forms of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for faster, more effective results.


There’s been a lot of negative press on fish oil recently, including rancid oil and less omega-3 fatty acids than their labels claim. Are the reports correct? How is Xtend Life different?
Unfortunately, the testing methods used in that report were suspect. Xtend Life pride ourselves on our stringent manufacturing processes and quality standards. We stand behind our label claims. What you see on our labels is what you get in our products. We run every batch through oxidation and purity tests, and our fish oil is so fresh that you do not get repeating – something we cover with our money-back guarantee. Our customers keep coming back – and that is the difference when you purchase something of quality. You get products you can trust and results you can see.