As you are more than aware, the Internet is saturated with content – content which is frivolous, entertaining, informative, untrue, damaging, celebratory, educational and promotional. So how do we separate the good content from the bad? We have scoured the web to find the (we think) best blogs and websites which will keep you entertained and informed. We’ve kept our list light –so don’t be expecting hard-hitting political blogs or mindful environmental websites here (although we do love them).

The Everygirl

Why we love it: The website our editor-at-large can’t get enough of, ‘The Every Girl’, is a smart woman’s guide to living well. A must read is the article ‘The difference between dreaming and doing’.

Well and Good

Why we love it: This lifestyle blog is all about looking and feeling good – you’d beforgiven for thinking it was only dedicated to the practice of yoga. There’s a lot of content in here for the nonyogis out there too.


Why we love it: More than your average feel good blog, ‘Good’ is a magazine for the global citizen. Expect articles entitled ‘Germany plans to give dozens of military bases back to nature’; ‘It just got much easier to support companies that support women’and ‘Meet the model with down syndrome shaking up the fashion industry’. It’s warm fuzzies all around.


Image by Well and Good