Julianne Liebeck

Why do I love the idea of being gender free so much? Well, I lived out my impressionable 20s in the 1990s, which to me represented a time of greater parity between the sexes, at least Superficially. Women were not portrayed by the media in the hyper-sexual fashion thatthey are today. Maybe I love the idea of sharing my boyfriend’s clothes, who by the way rocks a sarong (he’s not so keen on the chiffon blouses though).

I love a woman looking strong and sexy and love men who wear softer fabrics as opposed to the classic stiff suit. Somehow I feel gender freecreates understanding between both sexes and is more in tune with our urban lives. If you are looking for inspiration check out the Gucci Spring 2016 collection by new designer Alessandro Michelle.

This look will not only becoming through for fashion, but for hair, makeup and maybe how we think about one another.


Images by senatus.net and Gucci