Joanna Norris

Editor-in-Chief at The Press.

Can usually be found:
Either at The Press poring over the news of the day, or with family at the beach in Sumner.

How do you spend your time:
There is so much to love about living in this part of the world. In winter, we head into the hills and ski at the spectacular Canterbury ski fields; in Summer we love going to the beach for a surf, or a hike in the Port Hills.  When we are in the city my husband,two little kids and I also love heading to a good cafe, catching a movie or checking out an exhibition. We never run out of things to do.

Hopes for Christchurch (Whatkind of change do you want to see for Christchurch’s future?):
We need to confidently embrace a mall-city cool that makes the most of what we have in our stunning South Island adventure playground. Our city needs to consciously prioritise innovation, creativity, wellbeing, ommunity, recreation and smart productivity. We need to enable
clever people to innovate and small businesses to thrive. In doing so, we will let a thousand flowers bloom and create a city designed for people.

Favourite place in the world:
Hard to choose just one, so I’m goingto opt for anywhere close to the Southern Alps, anywhere with a roaring fire and a good glass of wine; anywhere with good food and good conversation shared with family and friends. Oh, and Taylor’s Mistake Beach is hard to beat.