New Zealanders certainly love fashion, but despite our love for shopping, very few of us know who made the clothes that we are so willing to purchase.

In a world in which we are becoming increasingly conscious of our consumer choices – and the far-reaching impact they have – buying ethical garments in the days of fast fashion remains a difficult task for most, largely because very little information is available.

This passion to educate and inform consumers about the far-reaching impact of ethical fashion purchases led to the partnership between Societe Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Julianne Liebeck accepting the role as Ambassador for dE ROSAIRO, a San Francisco clothing label with manufacturing in San Francisco and New York. dE ROSAIRO is a fashion label with a strong social conscious who not only fully embrace ethical production and safety standards, but also provide employment to a women-driven sector of the economy.

The CEO and Creative Director Nishika de Rosairo has built her company on the mantra of ‘Look Feel Lead’ which naturally evolved to dE ROSAIRO supporting Not For Sale – a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose it is to end human trafficking and slavery throughout the world.  It is Nishika and Societe Magazine’s combined passion to shape a new sophisticated, everyday luxury for the modern woman that includes helpful and relevant information on how they can make ethical purchasing choices in a simple uncomplicated manner.

Photos sourced from dE ROSAIRO Instagram.