Blonde has long been the favorite hair colour trend for Summer.  While going light looks great for the warmer months, it’s hard not to consider the consequences of lightening your hair.  One of the most commonly felt consequences of lightening our hair every summer is hair breakage.

Who would have thought there would be a day when you could bleach your hair and it could actually end up healthier?!  Low and behold, this is now a possibility!  Our friends at Mod’s Hair Merivale offer one of our favourite products as a treatment for clients; Olaplex!

Olaplex is the first product ever released to actually repair hair.  It melds together broken bonds in the hair, making it stronger and shinier.  The last thing you want to do during summer is worry about damaging your hair.  Olaplex is the perfect product to ensure that those who want to embrace a blonder look enter the season with their strongest, healthiest and most beautiful hair yet!

If you’re interested in learning more about what Olaplex can do for your hair, book a free consultation with a senior stylist at Mod’s Hair Merivale on 03 355 8639 to discuss how you can embrace your brightest and most healthiest blonde yet.