Christmas is nearly upon us, so if you haven’t started preparing for the big day then now’s the time to start!  Most of us will have already begun our Christmas shopping by now – and some of us may have already finished – but there’s always that one thing which accidentally gets left until the last minute.

If you’re like us then you will want to be as organised as possible. With this handy Christmas checklist you won’t forget any of the important things you need to do before the festive season is truly upon us!



Christmas Checklist

  • Buy wrapping paper, cards and presents.  Mail cards and presents to friends and family who you won’t get a chance to see before Christmas.
  • Buy your tree early if it’s a faux, or leave it a little later if it’s real.  Know in advance where you’ll be getting your real tree from and reserve one if possible.
  • If you’re having a theme for Christmas day, confirm it, and buy any relevantdecorations.
  • Finalise your Christmas day guest list and menu well in advance of the day.
  • Order your turkey, ham or lamb and shop for non-perishable items. Shop for fresh ingredients a little closer to the day, you don’t want anything to spoil before you get a chance to use it.
  • Deep clean the house in preparation for all the mess that’ll happen on the day!
  • Buy Christmas outfits and check you have enough crockery and cutlery for you and your guests. Make sure you have the right cooking implements, like pans and knives.
  • Bring out the special tableware and ornaments a couple of days before Christmas, when you’re ready to start setting up where you’ll be eating.
  • Recharge all your electrical items – cameras etc. – so you’ll be ready to take pictures and won’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery whilst you’re busy doing other things.
  • Make a timeline for the day so you know what will be happening and when, including the time of any favourite television programmes.

Enjoying the Festivities

Christmas should be about having fun and enjoying the day so try to get everyone involved in helping you prepare for the festivities by turning it into a fun activity. And a glass of wine for the cook isn’t mandatory, but it sure is nice!