If you’re spending the holiday break close to home, or have loved ones coming into the city from afar, it’s the perfect excuse to set some time aside to explore your own city.  It’s easy to be swept away with busy day-to-day events forgetting that beautiful places worth exploring exist just outside your doorstep.
Société Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Julianne Liebeck recently took some time out during the very busy Christmas period to visit one particularly beautiful area in Christchurch to recharge and rejuvenate.  The photos we’re sharing aren’t from a far-off space, but lie in the Rose Gardens, adjacent to the conservatory in the very centre of the Botanical Gardens.
The Botanical Rose Gardens were the first public rose garden to be developed in New Zealand in 1909.  More so, this garden was designed in a traditional layout and features over 250 varieties of roses which at this time of year all are in full bloom.  It’s a wonderful and serene place to escape for a moment.  Mark a visit down during a blue-skied sunny day to take your time exploring what this beautiful rose garden has to offer.

Images provided by Société Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Julianne Liebeck.