If you’re organised enough to have ticked off your gift list, you will have time to be on the lookout for some interesting and unique DIY wrapping ideas. The extra effort it takes to make your gift standout under the tree adds to the thoughtfulness of your gift, showing the recipient that you’ve made the effort to make it that little bit more special.

One idea we love is the pom pom wrap – guaranteed to have people hesitant to open their gift, not wanting to ruin the gorgeous wrapping you’ve created!

This is possibly the easiest wrapping idea, and it looks super cute too – what more could you want?


After you have wrapped your gift in plain brown paper, and tied it with white string, simply add your choice of small pom poms.  You can purchase these in whatever colour your choose from a craft store very cheaply.  Glue your pom poms onto your wrapped gift (hot glue works well).


Happy Christmas Eve!