Summer entertaining doesn’t have to be strictly limited to barbecues and pool parties (though we’re not complaining).  The warm weather and longer days provide plenty of reasons to host an out-of-the-box event to celebrate the season, like a Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Party.

If you’re spending New Years Eve at home this year, then this is a perfect event to host for something a little different.  Layer textiles over your coffee table, pick up a variety of gourmet or unusual olive oils, and serve with sliced bread (or drink the oil straight for a more authentic take) and your favourite wines for a fun twist on your typical tasting.


Bring out the wine! Start with your lighter wines paired with the more simple olive oils (say a Rosé with a basic olive oil) and move up to the more bold flavors in the end.  Glasses of Prosecco are something nice to offer guests to sip while getting comfortable, leaving the wine for the tasting.


The traditional method to taste olive oils is by drinking it.  Straight.  But this may be a little hard for your guests to palette!  Even though it may be considered less authentic, it’s okay to enjoy the olive oils with beautiful breads.


Set out small tasting dishes with spoons, labeling each to keep track.  Pour a small spoonful per guest, taste and discuss.  Just like wine tasting, it’s fun to talk about all of the different flavours each person picks up in the different types of olive oil.

Don’t forget to give your guests a place to write down and remember their favorites for purchasing later.


Pass around the wine, the bread, the oils… eat, drink, be merry!