Time magazine describes Grace Coddington as follows: “If Wintour is the Pope…Coddington is Michelangelo, trying to paint a fresh version of the Sistine Chapel twelve times a year.” Coddington’s eye has been a staple of Vogue‘s identity for the last several decades. However, today Coddington stepped down from her reigning post as creative director of the magazine.

The flame-haired artist has no plans to retire. Rather, she’s becoming creative director at large so that she may work on projects outside the purview of Vogue. “I really love Vogue,” Coddington tells The Business of Fashion. “It’s been in my life always, they discovered me as a model at 19. I’m not running away fromVogue, because it has opened so many doors. But it will be nice to collaborate, and nice to go out [and] give talks to people. It’s just another approach. I’m certainly not going into retirement. I don’t want to sit around.”

Coddington signed with Great Bowery, a super-agency founded last year, which has several notable agencies under its umbrella. Coddington’s first project is a perfume collaboration with Comme des Garçons. “I’ve always been a big fan of Comme des Garçons. I never take the commercial approach, and the process of it is fascinating to me,” says Coddington. We love how this style maven, like all great leaders, is still hungry to learn.