We’re positive you’ve already heard that two of the world’s most influential brands­—Apple and Hermès—have collaborated to create a product that combines the highest quality of both fashion and technology­—the Apple Watch Hermès.  Well now it can be yours to purchase no matter your location—as of last Saturday (January 23) the Apple Watch Hermes was available to buy online from New Zealand—hooray!

The stainless steel range complete with Hermès’ iconic leather band is available in a variation of four colours and three band styles with special clock faces unique to the collection.

When the coolest tech gadget on the market merges with a must-have fashion accessory—we seriously consider the $1700 price tag. To justify it, wear it daily and it’s only $4.65 per wear for one year.

Would you like to own the Hermès Apple Watch? If so, tell us why in the comments below.