Whiling away the long, balmy evenings with a cold beverage and a barbeque epitomises the classic Kiwi summer. So whether you’re looking to add value to your home before it goes on the market or you simply want to make the most of the warmer weather then here are some good ideas to transform your outdoor area into a summer sanctuary.

Clear the Decks
The outdoor area of a home is the centre of relaxation for many over the summer months. If you have a deck, a tiled or concrete outdoor area, then it’s a good idea to clear it away and give it a clean before the summer festivities get underway. A simple hose down will give the area an instant boost but if you have a deck, and you want to keep it looking its best, then it pays to give it a little TLC. This can be as straightforward as applying a fresh coat of stain or replacing stressed boards.

Edible Garden
If you want to have an impressive array of herbs or vegetables at your fingertips then now is the time to get planting. Not only do they add a great splash of colour to any outdoor area but with a little love and the right amount of sunlight, they can thrive and are a great feature of any courtyard or outdoor area. If you have limited space to work with then consider investing in a planter box – not only do they look great but they make it easy to grow a collection of herbs and veggies.

The Right Light
If you want to showcase your home and landscaping then consider outdoor lighting. This can be done in a variety of ways including in-ground lighting, garden lighting, wall lighting or even fairy lights. Not only do they create a warm and idyllic ambience but they will also see you through beyond sunset.