Whether you’ve been with your sweetheart for years or you’re living the happy, single life, this time of year it’s fun to get your friends together to share and celebrate the love. If you’re hosting a swank soiree, avoid the cheesy, typical décor (think paper-doily hearts and pink streamers), and instead opt for a modern take on Valentine’s Day party design. Keep scrolling for seven creative ideas and easy DIYs that will transform your festive get-together into a memorable (and stylish) event.


Introduce New Hues Into the Traditional Colour Palette


Although Valentine’s Day is defined by red and pink, you can update the combination (and keep it from feeling overly sweet) by introducing contrasting, unexpected hues like black, green, or blue. The darker, unique jolts of colour will modernize the look.


Rethink The Flowers


Flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day but you don’t have to resign yourself to red roses and baby’s breath. We love this modern take on a floral backdrop, which incorporates flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make your own to hang on a blank wall for a stylish photo-booth background.


Make Your Own Graphic But Sweet Table Linens


We love the contemporary, edgy look of this black-and-white DIY table cloth which takes a traditional theme of X’s and O’s and gives it a modern spin with painterly brushstrokes and imperfect execution.


Sweeten Your Cocktails


If you’re serving champagne, set out some rock candy swizzle sticks in your party’s colour scheme for guests to stir into their flutes or coupes. Go one step further like the swizzle sticks seen here and make personal ones for each guest with their name on them so no one gets their drinks mixed up.


Create a Festive Wall Hanging


Upgrade your festive garland by hanging the glittery tassels in a fun heart shape. This would be great hung above a buffet or dessert table or even placed on your front door, to give guests a sneak peek of what to expect inside.


Create a Sweet Station for Mid-Party Nibbles


What’s Valentine’s Day without too many chocolates and indulgent treats? To satiate your guests’ sweet tooth set up a dessert bar or station in addition to any savoury items you may be serving.


Serve a Signature Cocktail


It’s always fun to create a signature cocktail for guests to enjoy outside of festive champagne. We love this gin-based libation, which is garnished with fresh rose petals for additional flair.


What are your unique ideas for a stylish Valentine’s Day party? Share in the comments below!