Our favourite bitter, light and refreshing Italian aperitifs are currently having a major moment, and there are no complaints from us!  We think these are the perfect summer refreshments, and we’re happy to say that they’re here to stay to take us through the upcoming balmy nights while we envisage ourselves basking in the Italian sun.  They’re also the ideal go-to refreshments when guests drop in over the summer break, so scroll down for two recipes that are simple, delicious and bound to impress.


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The Aperol Spritz

60ml Aperol
90ml Prosecco
30ml soda water
Garnish, orange wedge

Build all ingredients over ice in a wine glass or short glass.  Serve cold with garnish!



The Negroni

30ml Campari
30ml Vermouth
30ml Gin
Garnish, orange zest

Build all ingredients in the serving glass. Stir through & serve. Play around with the garnish. Serve with both a lemon & orange zest.