Many fashion and beauty bloggers are hailing from Melbourne, and there’s no surprise why.. Melbourne is unquestionably known for its inimitable sense of style shared by its population.  The city has long been regarded as a fashion hot spot (if not the hot spot), and beauty-wise it’s a similar story.

If Sydney is all about beachy tousled waves, Melbourne is more into adding a little polish. A red lip here, a flick of liquid liner there. Even purposely dishevelled hairstyles always seem to look styled that way (on purpose, that is). What better city to look to for easy styles that take minimal effort but appear otherwise? Keep scrolling for five go-to ‘dos that every Melbourne girl knows as modelled by our favourite digital influencers, made possible with Mod’s Hair Merivale.



Low bun


Chic and never out-of-place, the low bun works from brunch to beach, bar and beyond. (FYI, there aren’t too many hairstyles that can, which makes this one all the more special.) You’ll want to concentrate on smoothing your hair from the roots to mid-lengths a polish like Mod’s Invisible Wax ($32)) I will help), but don’t worry much about the ends—they’ll be tied up anyway. A few bobby pins criss-crossed at the nape of your neck for extra security will hold everything in place.