The year 2015 was all about trend resurgence: There were ’70s flared trousers and necktie blouses, ’90s chokers and tricked-out denim jackets, and a mix of other pieces that were seemingly brought back to life from our wardrobe’s past.  Expect to see a lot of this now we’re in 2016!  One of the ways you can experiment with these come-back looks is by wearing clothing that works for both current trends, incorporating ’70s and ’90s inspiration in one piece.

We scoured the globe to come up with a solid list of five ‘90s and ’70s fashion trends that are officially back—and that we think deserve a second chance at seeing the light of day, along with a modern-day upgrade.  It’s only a matter of time until these pieces will be dominating fashion runways and street style slide shows.  Consider this your chance to be a trendsetting trailblazer before everyone else catches on!





‘70s and ‘90s inspired denim is huge this season.  From boot-cut to bell bottom there are a lot of ‘70s throwbacks.  The ‘90s is huge too!  Think wider, slouchier cuts, ’90s skate style denim (but more refined).  There is also a lot of ‘90s inspired cropped styles for both Men and Women.


Flannels and Plaids




The ‘90s influence is still strong with this season featuring a lot of flannel and plaid textiles.  This is a particularly big trend for menswear.






You’ve been warned! The ‘90s Rave culture is back in a big way – think minimalism, grunge and fanny packs, which all make appearances this season.


Cold Shoulder




Showing skin is definitely in, particularly around the shoulder area.  From crop and bra tops, to off-the-shoulder blouses there’s no shortage. Also where the halter top was considered a piece from the ’70s yesteryear, it is back!


Pajama Dressing


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.32.00 am



Let’s be real: Who doesn’t love pajama dressing?  Silky shirts, trousers, and slip dresses make putting an outfit together a breeze. But one piece of our undergarments drawer we didn’t see make its way into our everyday wardrobes was the lace camisole: a flirty number that had its heyday back in the late ‘90s.  Well, we finally saw these tanks have had a high-fashion makeover, and we’re thinking that is just the beginning.


Would you try any of these trends?  Let us know which in the comments below!