While we would never give up on traditional book club meets and the joy that is discussing our favourite chapters and characters over a cup of coffee or wine (or three), the 2016 version of the tradition book club is here—introducing, Insta-book clubs.

More and more bookworm ‘grammers are sharing their book recommendations and reviews and on Instagram for all of us literary-obsessed to, well, obsess over. Scroll on and find out which tome lovers we’re following.



This huge Harry Potter fan posts book reviews accompanied with ratings, weekly review stacks—featuring the likes of How To Kill a Mocking Bird and The Book Thief—and #shelfie after #shelfie.




Her account is exactly what her username suggests and what her bio reads—“just a book person recommending you hot drinks and hotter read.” The NYC-based book aficionada brings you her favourite reads from the coolest cafes in town.




This Austrian-based self-confessed bookworm posts shot after shot of her favourite books and authors, including George R. R. Martin and J.K. Rowling.

Are there any other great Instagram accounts out there for book lovers that you can recommend?