It seems to be a common occurrence these days that we duck into the supermarket to grab a few small items and almost have to dip into our savings to pay for it.  Supermarket visits are, of course a must, but there are some very simple—and unexpected—ways to spend less on grociers. Read on to find out the tricks to avoid over-spending at the supermarket.

Avoid the middle aisles

Supermarkets are usually designed to place essential ingredients, such as dairy and produce at opposite ends of the store to encourage shoppers to pass and browse through the middle aisles, which generally results in picking up things you don’t need. Opt for a lap around the outside first, then make your way in if need be.

Say no to toiletries

While it’s super convenient to buy your toiletry essentials at the supermarket, it’s not good for the wallet.

Look up and down

Strategically (some would say sneakily), the higher prices items are placed on the middle shelves (at eye level) so ensure you look to the products on the highest and lowest shelves to compare prices and to find the best deals.

Eat before you go

We all know this is a recipe for a disaster. Not only will you buy extra food that isn’t on the shopping list, but you’re also likely to buy unhealthy snacks and treats. Shop on a full stomach, or have a quick snack before you leave the house.

Write a shopping list

For two reasons: it’ll ensure you don’t forget any essentials, but it’ll also stop you from buying the things you don’t need—win, win.

Cut your own fruit and grate your own cheese

There’s a huge excess of pre-prepared food, so don’t be lazy and opt for the grated bag of cheese, or punnet of diced fruit—go whole and do it yourself at home. Easy!