We don’t know about you, but with Summer’s party season winding down we are looking for some sneaky ways to cut some calories to try and undo some of the damage done from a few-too-many wines and delicious platters!  Unfortunately it’s easy for the calories to stack up each weekend when you start to have a few social drinks.
We don’t believe that you should give up every aspect of your life – it’s all about balance, right – so we’ve got a recipe for a skinny sipper that’s almost guilt-free. The only calories you’re logging are for the jigger of gin (97 calories). Otherwise, you can thank the oh-so healthy green tea for keeping your middle whittled and your hangover at bay — hopefully.
2 oz iced green tea
1.5 oz gin
Splash of diet ginger ale (or regular ginger ale and soda water — adds minimal calories)
1 lime wedge
5 mint leaves
5 cucumber slices
1. Muddle the lime wedge, cucumber slices, and mint leaves in a mixing glass.
2. Add gin and green tea.
3. Cover and shake.
4. Fill pilsner glass with ice and transfer ingredients.
5. Top glass with a splash of diet ginger ale or regular ginger ale and soda water.
6. Garnish with lime wedge.