Nothing makes us feel more productive than subjecting our home to a deep cleansing session.  However, in the process it often means that we have to subject ourselves to breathing in and interacting with the chemical-laden scents and products that seem to linger for days.

We understand that cleaning is important to maintain a germ-free home, but for those looking to an alternative to harsh cleaning products it may be time to deodorise your home using natural formulas.  Not only will these leave your home-sweet-home smelling gorgeous, but also free from those harsh chemical nasties!


Cutting Board


You’re likely aware of the all-purpose benefits of coconut oil, but what you might not know is that it has natural antibacterial properties, making it the perfect ingredient to introduce into your cleaning routine. If you own a wooden cutting board, you know they require a bit more care. Not only should you regularly clean and sanitise it, but you’ll need to condition the wood at least once a month to keep it from cracking. They’ll also hold up longer and harbour less germs with a regular cleanse, which can be accomplished with coconut oil. First, spray your board with a little vinegar before washing well with warm soapy water. Once dry, gently massage coconut oil into the wood to condition the cutting board and leave it with a shiny finish.


Garbage Disposal


Your garbage disposal can be a deep, dark, scary place. It can also smell pretty horrific after mixing up a bad combination of old food. Get rid of offensive scents by tossing two cups of ice and one cup of salt down a clear disposal and run it with cold water. The ice, salt, and water will negate the smell, but if you want to leave a fresh scent, follow this combo up by running it again with half a lemon.


Pots, Pans and Cookware


Even if you wash your pots and pans regularly with dish soap, they could still use an extra deep-clean in between meals to remove the buildup of excess grease and grime. This natural combo will clean, sanitize, and deodorise your cookware and cutting boards with just two ingredients. First, squeeze the juice from one half of a lemon onto the surface; then sprinkle with a generous amount of coarse sea salt, and squeeze the second half of the lemon on top. Use the halved lemons as your sponges to scrub the salt into the board. Finish by removing the salt with damp paper towels. The lemon removes the potent scents of garlic and onions, and the salt works to sanitise the surface.


Glass and Mirrors


Before there was window-cleaner, there was vinegar. This throwback trick works just as well now to create a crystal-clear, smudge-free reflection in your glasses and mirrors. Simply mix distilled water with white vinegar in equal parts. While there’s vinegar specifically created for cleaning, you can also use a white vinegar from your cooking cabinet. If you’re not a big fan of the strong vinegar scent, mix in a couple drops of your favourite essential oil (we’re big fans of lavender) to dilute the sourness. Wipe down your windows and glass surfaces with a lint-free cloth for exceptional shine.




The bathroom is a cleaner’s worst nightmare due to the endless list of places to clean—the tiles, the tub, the toilet, oh my! But just a few simple formulas can have the room spick-and-span. A sprinkle of baking soda mixed with water will take on tough stains on grout. Baking soda can also be used to freshen, clean, and sanitise the toilet: Coat the bowl, and scrub with a mixture of vinegar diluted with water. To tackle the tub, shower, and sink, use the 50/50 water and vinegar solution (mixed with essential oils if you prefer a sweeter scent) to remove scum from soap and shampoo.


Share your favourite all-natural cleaning tips with us below!