Working 9-5, raising a family, maintaining a social life and sticking to your regular gym schedule almost sounds like an unachievable task in and of itself.  Imagine adding to that line-up starting your own business?  Impossible.  Wrong!

If you’ve always dreamed of kickstarting your own business, but felt it was completely out of your reach because of your current day-to-day demands then you need to meet Nagina Sethi Abdullah.  Nagina decided four years ago to start her own online company, Masala Body, while she was working as a management consultant and raising two kids under the age of three with her husband.  Her goal you ask?  Eventually being able to leave her full-time gig to pursue her brand (and have more time for her children). In a piece she wrote for Business Insider, this powerhouse shares her tips and tricks for keeping her head above water during the process.  Here is the some of the advice she shared:

1. Prioritise your life. Start by getting rid of any extracurricular activities not related to your job or family, but remember this is just short-term. This step alone gave Sethi Abdullah seven more hours a week to focus on her budding company.

2. Use weekends and vacation days wisely. Devote one day a weekend and a couple of full weekends to your project. These long periods of time allow you to truly focus.

3. Learn to be productive. Learn to sneak mini brainstorming sessions in while commuting or to wake up half an hour early a few days a week. You’ll be surprised what a few tweaks will do.

4. Focus on one goal at a time. Don’t get bogged down with too many things at once. By focusing on one key item at a time, you’ll be able to cross everything off your list more quickly.

5. Involve friends and family. Ask those closest to you for advice or for help testing out work-related processes. No one said work couldn’t be fun!


Write down your goals today and make out an action plan to get stuck in! Share with us below what it is you want to achieve!