The lob is centre stage right now, but for those looking for a cut that’s a little different, yet guaranteed to turn heads – the bob is a universally flattering style you need to know about.  Taking it back to the days when hair was a little younger, and a whole lot simpler.  The bob which has also evolved into a modernised “lob” is a a simple, no-fuss chop that just might be, at this point, the most radical beauty move of all.



Set amongst a sea of wavy textured lobs, this blunt cut is very fresh and new to the eye.  Unsurprisingly, it is the hardness of the cut which gives its strength of character.  Mod’s Hair Merivale, Christchurch’s premier hair salon, renowned for its stylists’ exceptional cutting techniques features many of these latest trends across its social media pages – with the bob being an enviable choice of cut for many of their clients.



At the end of the day though, what makes the blunt cut cool is that it’s not cool: It’s almost naive in its simplicity, the beauty equivalent of a plain white tee.. and we never have enough plain white tees.

Tell us, would you make the chop and turn your lob into a bob?