Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight: We love a good Moscow Mule or Bloody Mary with our brunch as much as the next person. We would never discourage a little weekend revelry for the sake of celebration or good old-fashioned fun after a week of hard work. That being said, there’s no ignoring the facts. It turns out our drinking habits are costing us a pretty penny, and we’re taking note.

According to an article published Time‘s Money section, the U.S. bar, tavern, and nightclub industry rakes in nearly $25 billion each year. Find yourself going out to enjoy a handful of happy hours or a night at your favourite bar once or twice per week? Drink somewhere between five and seven beverages each week? On average, you’re probably spending nearly $160 per week, $650 per month, and something around $7000 per year on booze.

Wild, right? That’s a lot of money to spend on alcohol… a handful of amazing trips, car payments, savings for that down payment, and more! If you’re shocked by these numbers and agog to learn how you can cut back, Time has some helpful pointers, from engaging in some good-spirited at-home pre-gaming to pitching in on a group pitcher to only bringing cash with you when you go out.

Share with us your favourite cocktail to make at home, or best money-saving tip for a less pricey weekend!