We’re guilty of it. Our friends and co-workers are guilty of it. It seems these days, it’s more common than ever to pop out to pick up a lunch and then plop right back down at your computer and continue to work as though “lunch break” were a mere whisper of fantasy. No more! Today we’re getting behind a trending #ReclaimYourLunchBreak movement, and to help fuel your inspiration, we’re rounding up some ideas that are worth your time and then some. Read on!



Go outside and breathe that fresh air! No matter the weather, a lap around the block or a short sit on a nearby bench is a healthy and invigorating way to spend your lunch break. If you’re within walking distance of a park (lucky you!), pack your lunch as a picnic and bring a book. You’ll never feel as #blessed, promise.



Head out to lunch with co-workers or meet a friend who works nearby. Call a pal and catch up over the course of your hour outside the office.



The cardinal rule of reclaiming your lunch break is actually taking a lunch break! Dining out can feel stressful, what with that hour hand always looming, but if you test-run a few go-to spots with speedy service, you’ll be able to drop in and out easily. If you prefer to take your lunch alone, bring a book or new magazine and catch up on some reading!



Visit a store you’ve passed by a few times but never gone into, try a new juice bar, or take a new route when heading out to pick up your lunch. If you can’t escape the office for lunch, try a new lunch spot! You may just learn or discover something on your little ol’ lunch break, and that’s time very well spent in our books.



Plenty of exercise classes run south of a full hour, so why not use the time to get your heart rate up?



If you absolutely must work through your lunch, at least shake it up by listening to a new music release or a podcast you love. If you take your working lunch to do some of your lighter work (replying to emails, taking stock of your to-do list), you’ll be surprised by how much quality peripheral listening you’re able to get in!


Do you plan to #ReclaimYourLunchBreak? Tell us in the comments!