These days there’s an app for literally everything—including breakups.  Allow us to introduce you to Rx Breakup, an app that is a 30-day three-step program that provides expert advice on how to get over your recent breakup or lingering love obsession.  The founder of Stila cosmetics, Jeanine Lobel, and her business partner, therapist Jane Reardon, have created the app to help women everywhere deal with the emotional distress of a painful breakup.

“All of us can relate to the emotional pain of heartbreak. Too many of us get hung up on the past that we forget how resilient we can be when motivated. Rx Breakup is that extra push we all need from our fingertips. It’s an app that speaks to the current breakup climate. These days, relationships and breakups often take place in the digital sphere—we thought, ‘Why can’t break-up recovery take place there, too?’” said Jeanine Lobell.

The app has a friendly, girl-next-door vibe and chic illustrations that accompany each day’s exercises and activities.  It’s worth noting that if you got dumped a month ago, you start the app on day one as if the dumping happened yesterday.  Given the emotional distress a breakup can cause, it seems logical to give this app a try. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Would you use the breakup app?