International supermodel Adriana Lima has perfected the art of walking down the runway in Victoria’s Secret lingerie—and looking absolutely flawless while doing it. Aside from being the living, breathing, catwalk-strutting embodiment of all things #goals, it goes without saying that the Brazilian-born model has also perfected the art of eating healthy, no matter the fullness of her fridge.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Lima revealed her go-to breakfast smoothie first thing in the morning, and fortunately for busy working moms everywhere, it’s so astoundingly simple that you can make it in under five minutes. This magical concoction includes just three ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now: water, avocado, and honey.

Simply pour about one cup of cold water into the blender, add half a fresh avocado, and pulse the mixture until it forms a creamy froth. Add a small amount of organic honey to taste, and you’ve got yourself a supermodel-approved a.m. smoothie. On the days she wants something a bit heavier, Lima reportedly switches out the water for a milk-and–plain yogurt base.

To bring her healthy lifestyle full circle, Lima also boxes, runs, and bikes around her neighborhood, and she recently picked up CrossFit to stay in shape. We’ll get right on that.

Are you going to try this supermodel-approved smoothie? Report back if you do!