It is a truth universally acknowledged that as spring and summer get closer and closer, our clothes get smaller and smaller. Jeans and jackets become shorts and slip dresses. Boots become sandals. And—perhaps most relevant to this post of all—Snuggies become bikinis. With less clothing and lighter fabrics comes a pretty common desire to banish post-winter bloat.  After months of Netflix and Thai takeaway (just us?), our tummies aren’t as taut as they could be. T here’s always a flat-abs workout to help things along, but what to do when you need results, like, now? The good news is there are a few choice hacks that can slim your middle in just 24 hours. Ready to shrink your puffy stomach?

Keep reading for 5 flat-tummy tricks.

When it comes to bloating, salt is basically the devil. Too much of it causes fluid retention which can make you feel sluggish and puffy. In addition to leaving the salt shaker on the table at meals, check the nutrition panels on packaged foods to make sure it’s not sneaking into your diet via your favourite snacks. The suggested dietary target for Australians is 1600mg per day—one cup of canned soup can contain over half that amount. Also important: Drink plenty of water to flush salt from your system.


Ranked as the #1 way to reduce bloating this spice contains an enzyme called zingibain that helps to digest protein. (This is also why it helps alleviate that “overfull” feeling when taken after a meal.) To get the most out of this anti-bloat remedy, grate a fresh chunk of ginger into a mug and add hot water and honey to taste. You can also add it directly to your food, or try a fresh ginger lime detox shot.


Research suggests that an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut can cause bloating, so if your diet has been less than optimal lately (or if you’ve just completed a course of antibiotics) a probiotic could help sort things out. Some strains are thought to be more effective than others at flattening a puffy tum, so check with your doctor or a trusted health advisor before making a purchase.


Considering pineapple and papaya both contain enzymes that help break down protein in your stomach (a la ginger), it’s no surprise they’re go-tos for de-bloating in a hurry. Throw some of each in a blender with a splash of fermented coconut water and you’ll have a delicious tropical snack that’s also dosed with good bacteria.


Epsom salts are magic for preventing (and treating) sore muscles, but they’re also key in banishing bloat in 24 hours. (Just ask the Kardashians—they bathe in the stuff prior to big events.) The salts are thought to work by pulling excess fluid out of your body, leaving you leaner.