After cornering the wellness market for more than a few years now, juicing is on its way out.  For the year ahead, you can expect the soup cleanse to take its place.  Say it with us; souping is the new juicing.

New York City residents are already able to participate in this wellness trend with companies like Splendid Spoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offering vegan, gluten-free soups in single-day cleanses, with the option of adding five hearty soups as meal replacements over the course of a week.

The appeal of souping, in part, is that it promises an easier detox than a juice cleanse.  The long-cited issue with juice cleanses is that many cleanses experience a spike in their blood sugar.  The juice cleansing trend started from a good place and evolved into something that’s not so healthy, because there’s a lot of sugar and not enough nutrients that the body needs.

Instead of predominantly using fruit, soup cleanses feature more vegetables and complex carbohydrates.  The soups also tend to be higher in fiber, which has so many good benefits.  Looking through the menu options, the soups that make up these cleanses look to be very flavourful, thanks in part to a liberal use of spices like turmeric and cumin.  They are often made with seasonally grown, locally sourced ingredients.  Packaged without preservatives and delivered chilled, they lack the higher sodium content of, say, a can of chicken noodle from a supermarket.  Some are drinkable cold, although eating them warmed up, ideally out of a bowl with a spoon, arguably underlines the sense that they’re a meal.

We love the idea of souping because although it’s similar to juicing (in that it promises to give your digestive system a break), souping is less likely to induce headaches, energy crashes, and that weight-gain rebound juice cleanses are known for—souping allows you to consume food, and plenty of it.  This means you can spend a few days or a week consuming healthy, whole-food soup meals without feeling deprived.

Our tip is to look for soups that use bone broth as the base.  This way you will receive even more benefits, such as reduced inflammation, improved digestion, joint repair, and more.

We can’t wait to try this!  Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever tried a soup cleanse?