Christmas is here—cheers everyone!  With that comes more cocktail hours, parties, and all manner of enticing foods and drinks, which inevitably can get us off track from our health living endeavours. Being a social butterfly doesn’t have to sabotage your wellness or weight goals, though! Here are three quick tips to keep your social life in check this holiday season.

1. Pre-eat before parties.

It may sound counterintuitive, but eating at least 100 calories before a party (20 pistachios or a piece of fruit) can save you hundreds later. We all know the feeling of a drink or two, and suddenly… What willpower? So set yourself up right by not heading into a sticky situation absolutely starving.

2. Detox while you retox.

Hopefully soda is already out of your diet (although sparkling water, or soda water is fine), but in addition to cutting the sugary stuff, you can also hydrate or help your body detox while you retox. Either sip on a spritzer (50/50 sparkling water and wine) or go one-to-one: For every cocktail you have, order a water, too. This helps you slow down and stay hydrated. Trust us, you’ll thank us tomorrow!

3. Stay away from snack sabotages.

Don’t stand yourself next to the cheese plates or chips bowls: That is asking for a struggle! Instead, make it easy to reach for crudités and guacamole or hummus. Commit to one or two appetisers that won’t wreck your health and fitness goals, and stick to those the whole party.