Go, go, go.  Sound familiar to anyone else?  We can blink and our week is over.  With such frantic schedules it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is life—never stopping or relenting when it comes to your career or loved ones.  And while keeping busy is a healthy part of successful living, it’s also important to take out for yourself from time to time. Don’t get so wrapped up in the myth of equating busyness with accomplishment that you forget to incorporate the other aspects of life that contribute to your success.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frantic, here’s how to take back control:

Make time for your inner child. Give yourself permission to indulge in childlike joy and wonder. We get so caught up in sweeping our anxieties and angers under the rug that we never allow ourselves a healthy release. Take a nap, take a time out, escape to your room to confront your emotions and allow yourself time to recover.

Ban being busy at bedtime. Too often we take our work home with us, and even worse, into our bed. Right before we ready for shut-eye we’re scrolling through our emails, checking up on tasks, getting our brains worked up about what’s to come in the morning, and exposing our eyes to harmful blue light. Set up night-mode for all your electronic devices.  And most importantly, ditch the devices before bedtime and keep the bedside reserved for things like eye masks and essential oils.

Lose the fear of missing out. FOMO is real but it has no place in a healthy, successful life. Putting energy into what you don’t have instead of putting energy into working toward your goals and aspirations will only set you back further. Put things into perspective, realising social media likes are just taps on a screen and no one really know what’s reality and what’s contrived in picture-perfect posts on Instagram. Focus on the real life in front of you, appreciating where you are and looking forward to where you want to go.


How do you deal with the stress of your busy schedule?  Share with us your tips in the comments below!


Photo credit @laurenwells