Designer Tom Ford made an accurate observation: “time and silence are the most luxurious things today.”  He’s right—there are few things more important than finding a little extra time in our busy lives. But how can we manage it?  Once you start saving a few pockets of spare minutes here and there, this time quickly adds up.  Soon enough you will have saved yourself hours in the average week.  Instead of finding extra time, let’s create it.

Here are some five of our favourite ways to help you carve a few more minutes out of each day:

1. Plan Your Time Online

Spending extending hours online is usually the result of falling down the cyber rabbit hole and like Alice, it’ll take you quite a few hours to make your way out of web Wonderland.  The solution?  Give yourself a online budget.  If you’re in the mood to trawl, go for it—just make sure that if you’ve given yourself 20 minutes to do so, you don’t go over.  No exceptions.

2. Tackle Life in Blocks

The ‘Pomodoro’ technique has been a popular time management since its inception in the 80s.  It centres on the idea that true productivity comes from doing one thing at one time without distractions—anyone who’s worked in a modern office knows that multi-tasking while reading your inbox while prepping for a meeting isn’t the most effective way to get things done.

Try this technique instead: every task is given a half hour slot.  The first 25 minutes is for the task, then the last five is for a break.  After four ‘pomodoros’ (boxes of time), you take a fifteen minute break.  And repeat.  If your productivity improves, this can only mean more minutes in your day… which means more hours in your week.

3. Wherever You’re Headed, Take Something With You

Everything has its place but because we’re human, these things travel to the most bizarre places by way of us.  Then Sunday arrives and we’re racing around putting things back where they belong and that’s your weekend gone.

Avoid the Sunday scramble by applying the rule that wherever you’re going, take something with you—maybe you’re in the kitchen on your way to the bathroom (do you need to top up the hand wash? Take it now). Maybe you’re in the kitchen and you’re on your way out (do the bins need emptying? Yep, now’s the time).  Considering things now, rather than later does actually save you time in the long run.

4. Make a Date With Your Emails

Inboxes are a modern Medusa’s head—the more you check, the more there seem to be. They’re relentless, time-consuming and if left too long, utterly overwhelming. Instead of constantly checking in, only make a date with them three times a day: 9am, 12pm and 3pm. Take the time to go through them, clear them, action them then move on. You’ll free up your time to actually get some work done, meaning more tasks ticked and more time spilling over into you-time as you walk at the door on the dot of 5pm.

5. Always Do a Plus-One

The plus-one theory is like multi-tasking but a little less taxing.  It relies on the principle that when you’re mid-task, you can spend that time thinking of one extra, small thing you can tack onto the end to make yourself more productive. Better productivity = more time later on. While you’re grocery shopping, could you pay your gas bill quickly once you’ve loaded the car? If you’re washing up, could you spare a minute afterwards to prep tomorrow’s brekkie? It won’t save you time on the spot, it will save you time later, when you can’t get it and need it most.


Which time hack will you start using? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Erin Maxwell