After seeing The White Helmets take home the Oscar for Best Documentary Short, we were inspired to settle in for a Netflix night.  It’s easy to let great films, especially documentaries, slip through the Netflix cracks, so here is our roundup of must-watch, noteworthy features that you can stream at the the touch of a button.

These documentary films shed light on important issues that matter to each and every one of us.  Scroll down to see our must-watch Netflix Documentaries streaming now!

The White Helmets

This 40-minute documentary took home the Oscar for Best Documentary Short.  The film follows three rescue workers, part of the Syrian Civil Defense, in Turkey.  They work to give emergency assistance to those caught in the civil war in Syria.



The Ivory Game

Step inside the scary world of the ivory trade, and follow the corrupt network from the Savannah to the streets of China. The creators had to go undercover for months to make this documentary, shedding light on the poachers and dealers that are driving elephants to extinction.


Amanda Knox

Twice convicted and acquitted of murder of her roommate, Amanda Knox was an American student living abroad in Italy. The long drawn out case came to different conclusions, where details were dissected and analysed for years. Watch this Netflix original and decide what your verdict is.



This political documentary opens our eyes to the environmental effects of animal agriculture and the issue of sustainability. Odds are, you’ll watch this one and walk away inspired to do your part to help the planet, maybe cutting back (or eliminating) meat in your diet.




The True Cost

This feature-length documentary will shed some light on the human and environmental effects of cheap clothes (or “fast fashion”).  This deep dive into the $3-trilled fashion industry has us thinking twice about where we’re buying our clothes.