Here at Societe we know a good Netflix documentary when we see one, and these three have caught our attention.  If you’re ready to enlighten yourself to the realities of the environment, sustainability, and how we can be more mindful of our role in it then you need to add these to your playlist ASAP!



An unapologetic look at the bottled water industry, Tapped walks you through the big business of plastic water bottles.  From production of the bottles to the oceans filled with discarded vessels, this is an excellent exploration of a little-discussed topic.



This film is reportedly as “eye-opening as Blackfish” and as “inspiring as An Inconvenient Truth.” Follow filmmaker Kip Andersen as he investigates the animal agriculture industry and its effect on deforestation, pollution, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.



Some of the most startling evidence of climate change can be found in the world’s least accessible places.” Chasing Ice seeks to change that reality, giving the viewer a front-row seat to the destruction of the ice formations at the earth’s poles.