The weekend is wonderful, there’s no denying that. But, more often than not, we find ourselves at home on Sunday night wondering how 48 hours could have possibly flown by when our Monday through Friday seemed to drag on forever.  We have the solution!  We’ve tested these five weekend-extension methods and are happy to report that by bedtime on Sunday, we felt rested, ready for the week, and full of memories from our adventurous weekend.  Scroll on to read our five tips to make the most of your weekend!


It’s Friday! Go Out!

Yes, that’s exactly what we said: after work on Friday, make sure you go out on the town. Or at least have a rambunctious night in. Why? After excessive research on our part, we’ve realised that making your big night Friday as opposed to Saturday is ideal. That way you bundle your hangover sleep and tired workweek sleep all in one and don’t let it consume your entire Sunday.  That being said, if you can avoid alcohol Saturday night, or just take it extra-easy on the cocktails, your Sunday self will thank you.  By making your weekend top-heavy on the party side, you can divide your weekend into three stages.  Stage one is Friday night, your time to party and unwind.  Stage two is Saturday, your recovery day.  That leaves Sunday for stage three, your productivity/exploration day.


Get Your Planner Ready!

You may be sick of scheduling every minute of your life Monday through Friday via Outlook, but we guarantee having at least a few things on your weekend calendar makes Saturday and Sunday seem like a lot more than two days.  Try a new restaurant in your neighbourhood, see a couple different friends for lunch and dinner, do a dance class, or check out the farmers market.  Anything that gets you moving around or acting like a local tourist is a great way to elongate the weekend.


Don’t Netflix & Chill!

We love catching a movie in the theatre, going to a concert, viewing a new art exhibit, or even people-watching in a new neighbourhood.  Mixing up your activities makes it seem like you’ve done a lot more in the weekend than only two days would permit. Leave the Netflixing for the week-nights!


Practice Your Downward Facing Dog on Sunday!

Taking a yoga class on Sunday evening, or just stretching at home, is the perfect way to extend your weekend happiness into the coming week.  We often notice our shoulders start to creep up to our ears as the light goes down on Sunday evening.  But having this healthy ritual as a weekend closer helps release tension and wean us into the Monday morning hustle.


Soak In The Tub

For your grand finale, consider an indulgent bubble bath complete with bath salts, essential oils, and a cup of calming chamomile tea.  This gives you that much-needed “me” time before the crowded week life resumes.  It’s also the best way to lull yourself into a deep Sunday sleep.



What are your weekend tips? Share them with us!