If you love coffee, but worry about your daily fix turning your teeth an insipid beige, then a new clear coffee could be the brew for you.


CLR CFF was invented by two Slovakian brothers named David and Adam Nagy whilst living in London, who, has heavy coffee drinkers, wanted to address the problem of dental staining without having to ditch their favourite beverage.

The virtually clear liquid is made, simply, of roasted Arabica beans and water, with no artificial colours or preservatives they claim.  Though the exact brewing process is a closely guarded secret, David Nagy told the Evening Standard, “The production method is based on physical processing and doesn’t include any chemicals.”


Reviews have been mixed thus far, with the Standard claiming CLR CFF tastes like a very strong cold brew, while Metro say: “Imagine making coffee and then forgetting to wash it out. The next day, you add cold water to get the very last dregs of flavour out of the wet beans – and that’s what this tastes like.”  Although we’d love a solution to drinking our favourite brew without the unsightly teeth stain, we’re not 100% sure they have their recipe just-right yet….

It is currently priced at around £3/$4 a bottle, so it’s super affordable, however it is only being shipped to the UK and US, with no word on when this will be hitting New Zealand’s shores.

What do you think – gamechanger or gimmick?  Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: CLR CFF Instagram