The most successful people during the workweek owe a lot of their success to how they prep before it even begins.  One thing all successful people have in common is a Sunday night routine that helps them unwind from the week prior while gearing up for the days ahead.  We have five habits that successful people include in their start-of-the-week routine, and we’re sharing them here so you can integrate them in too!

Spend quality time with their family and loved ones. Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide notes that successful people make the most of their Sunday nights by spending time with their loved ones before heading into a jam-packed workweek when their schedule is less predictable.

They catch up on calls, emails, and texts. If friends and family aren’t near, Sunday night is a good time to take a time out to reached out to loved ones by phone. It’s also a good time to tackle personal emails that accumulated during the workweek so you can head back to work with a clean slate.

They unplug. While successful people take time to catch up on the above, they also make Sunday night a special time to put away their phones, at least for a few hours. Career expert Michael Kerr says that successful people do anything but work right before bed. Take time for yourself to read, practice self-care rituals, or simply unwind to music and allow yourself the time to do nothing at all. This practice has been proven to better health and sleep quality by ridding you of distractions and exposure to blue light and distractions.

They reflect. Before successful people embark on a new workweek, they take a time out to reflect on how the previous week went. Consider what went right, what could have gone better, and where you progressed with personal and professional goals. University of Texas at Arlington organisational behaviour professor James Campbell has said that writing down your weekly reflections can be cathartic.

They plan out the week ahead. Once they have taken the time to assess their past week, successful people always plan out the week ahead. This means setting new goals, developing the strategies to achieve them, and even planning healthy meals and scheduling in time for exercise and self-care.


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