If you are already strategising which location you’re going to head to first this Winter to escape the cold, then you will want to take notes on how to change any air-travel into an experience that feels like you’re traveling in first class!

With so many incredible sale prices dropping on the daily, the urge is there to snap up a bargain as soon as it’s released… until you realise that will mean flying in some pretty unbearable conditions that can only be experienced in economy.

If you have a long-haul flight ahead of you, then you’ll know how much a few little luxuries can make the difference between a good flight and a bad one. Even though first-class airfare has cornered the market on amenities and extra space, with some thoughtful planning and a couple of carry-on upgrades, you’ll be basking in nearly the same pampered perfection.  Read on to discover our suggestions on how to bring that luxe-life experience with you anywhere.


Must-Have Add-On

Arriving early to score an exit row seat, or spending a few extra bucks to boost your legroom situation to a more premium seat, is one luxury that still comes in at a fraction of the full upgrade cost.  Check your bags or combine your carry-on and personal items into a single streamlined piece of luggage.  Everything in the overhead compartment means more room to stretch out.  Chic travel accessories are enough to make any journey feel like the high life.


These Carry Ons are Essentials

Strategically stocking your carry-on bag with super-soft luxuries makes all the difference.  There’s arguably nothing more decadent when you’re up in the air than a cashmere eye mask.  Compact baby alpaca throws fit discreetly into a tote and will make long trips feel super cosy.  A favourite trick of ours involves one of the best feelings in the world: new socks.  Toss a pair in your bag. It’s only courteous to your fellow passengers to sport a crisp pair when removing shoes before your flight.


DIY Entertainment

Airlines often have an enviable collection of newly released film and television options. But instead of splurging the extra dollars, load up your iPad with your favourite podcasts, shows, and games. Feel like bouncing between novels? Fill your tablet’s library with all of the reading material you’ve been dying to catch up on. Throw in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and you’ll be ensconced in your own little heaven, no matter your aisle number.


BYO Snacks

One of the biggest discrepancies between economy and first class is the food selection. Bring your own treats and you won’t miss a beat. Be sure to select dry goods that will make it past security. We prefer to hit up our favourite health-food store well in advance to detract from last-minute stress. Start a bulk travel stash in your pantry. Healthy, delicious snacks will keep your mind, body, and immune system in top form.



A cocktail of high altitudes and stress can leave skin dry and malnourished.  Investing in travel-sized varieties of your personal skin regimen makes for a super-luxurious mid-flight break.  You’ll land feeling glamorous and fresh-faced.  Since overpowering perfumes may disturb other passengers, we recommend switching to a subtle, organic fragrance oil.  Low on mils, it’s the perfect carry-on for a fragrant and discreet touch-up.


PHOTO: @natalieoffduty

What are your tricks for making travel more luxurious? Tell us below!