For the sixth annual year, Ardbeg Day returns! With their limited release of the 2017 Special Edition Ardbeg Kelpie, it’s time to clear your Saturday schedule and raise a dram! Enjoy their new Smoky Malt Whisky with fellow fans.

Ardbeg Whisky’s annual event is on Saturday 3rd June, joining Whisky lovers together, with activities, games and tastings at your local Ardbeg Embassies. There ‘deep under the ocean theme’ this year will showcase its long-standing association to the sea.

Ardbeg pays tribute to their deep sea legends, bringing them to life through their new aged Whiskey and Ardbeg day. The Ardbeg Distillery can be found off the Southern Coast of Islay, holding mythical creature tails. As the Whisky matures in black sea casts, you will find a unique aroma of intensity, celebrating their ancient myths and legends.

“Kelpie begins with an intense aroma of oily peat, smoked fish and hints of seaweed, followed by a rich crescendo of treacle coffee, smoky bacon and lots of dark chocolate.”

To enjoy, purchase and indulge on Ardbeg Day 2017, find your local Ardbeg Embassies Locations below. With only 600 limited release bottles in New Zealand, purchasing will be available from 9.30am onwards, be sure to get in quick!

  • Whisky Galore- 834 Colombo Street, Christchurch Central
  • House of Whiskey -38 Courthouse Lane, Auckland Central
  • The Jefferson- 7 Fort Lane, Auckland
  • Regional Wines, Beers & Spirits – 15 Ellice Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington

Indulge in the world’s smokiest, ultimate Islay Malt Whisky.

Attendees must be 18 years or older.

Ardbeg Distillery, perched on the Southern Coast of Islay