Simone Veil


Simone Veil was an iconic, historical figure, someone who needs to be truly recognized for her fight. Her inspirational work had lead to many rights today; we all simply have not recognised.

She was a true inspirational feminist. Her life began in the most treacherous conditions, being one of the few survivors of the Auschwitz- Birkenau & Bergen-Belsen, escaping with her two sisters, the three sole survivors from her family.

She went on to tell her story, not only as a survivor but to concur many roles as a woman in the 1970s. Simone was a Women’s Right’s Pioneer, a trained French Lawyer, the first President of the European Parliament & the Minster of Health.

In 1979, she came into the European Parliament, being the Minister of Health for 5 years between 1974 – 1979, legalising abortion & making access to contraception far easier. Being a trained lawyer she specialised in the concern for Human rights, in particular prisoners.

Nothing was easy, she fought for women’s rights in Europe, all well no one truly recognising her & her work. To say she was iconic is an understatement, she did the unthinkable, at a time where her success became unnoticed.

Nothing comes easy, & Simone’s tireless work through her uneasy life is something to forever remember, she is a symbol of courage.

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