As we know, indoor plants are having a major moment right now and there isn’t a single complaint from us. Not only are our leafy friends perfect at giving life to our home, they can give some much-needed energy to our office spaces. And aside from looking the goods, they also make a surprisingly practical addition as they produce oxygen and reduce toxins in the air, which results in a healthier, more productive workspace—win, win! Not sure which variety to opt for in your office?  We’re sheddings some light on the types of foliage that are ideal for the workplace.  Read on and find out how you can bring some much needed zen to your desk with this lush greenery.

Nerve Plant (Fittonia)

Computers, phones, in trays—things can get pretty tight on our desktops.  When space is at a premium, opt for this compact greeny to balance out the technology overload.  Honestly, the nerve of this little guy being so damn gorgeous!  With graphic white veins running through his delicate leaves, he’s sure to inspire all the feels.  Hailing from the South African rainforest, humidity is definitely his friend so keep a mister on hand to keep him looking fresh.  The Fittonia can tolerate low light but will thrive when it’s brighter ensuring those beautiful markings stay nice and strong.

Aloe Vera

There’s no need to stress with this living medical kit nearby—paper cuts be damned!  Aloe Vera with its soothing gel filled leaves is a gorgeous succulent that makes for the perfect desk companion.  Her water needs are moderate and during autumn and winter you can get away with watering just once or twice a month.  She likes her vitamin D so a sunny spot is ideal but if that’s not possible then give her a sun holiday every now and then.  And don’t forget to take one for yourself!

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Trust us, there’s nothing creepy or crawly about this lovely lady.  Her delicate ribbon-like leaves look gorgeous cascading from a bookshelf or windowsill and to top it off she’s one hard working gal.  While you’re having a tea break she’s busy removing some serious toxins from the air—benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide don’t stand a chance.

With relatively low water and light needs (fluorescent lights should keep her happy) low-maintenance is her middle name.  Make sure you let the soil dry out between watering and you can get busy sucking in all that fresh, clean air. And breathe….

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

To really make a statement in your workspace when you have a little more room to move, then the Ficus Elastica is your guy.  There’s no question he’s easy on the eye but it turns out he’s also rather handy.  Those large glossy leaves mean the Rubber plant is another champ when it comes to keeping your space free of nasty toxins.  To top it off just a drink once a week and a bright spot out of the sun and this guy will be happy as Larry, leaving you free to chill then power through your to-do list.

Watermelon Plant (Peperomia Argyreia)

If you’re after some added pizazz in your stress-fighting foliage then look no further than the watermelon peperomia.  With those stunning plump round leaves reminiscent of a watermelon, he looks good enough to eat and is guaranteed to take centre stage next to your favourite work mug.  With some bright indirect light and a water once a week you can spend the rest of the time patting yourself on the back for choosing such an ace desk plant.



Share with us what your favourite indoor plant for your office space is!