It’s no secret that Instagram delivers constant inspiration on the daily!  Depending on whose feed we’re looking at, it may inspire us to hit the gym, do some food prep, book a holiday or some new must-have clothing.   The problem is some of the purchases we feel inclined to make may not be entirely necessary for more than one reason.

Sure, these unnecessary purchases are not great news for our bank balance, but there’s also a great problem hiding under the surface there too… Our constant need to buy the latest and greatest thing spells trouble for the environment, too.  This is particularly true when it comes to fashion.  Not only does this fast fashion economy lead to a huge amount of textile waste (the Ministry for the Environment figures show 100 million kilos of textile waste is thrown into New Zealand’s rubbish dumps yearly – that’s the equivalent of every person in New Zealand chucking about 145 medium-sized men’s T-shirts a year) but, it’s often produced in unethical conditions like sweat shops.

It’s a reality that a growing number of socially aware and environmentally savvy women refuse to ignore.  These green goddesses are popping up all over our Instagram feeds, showing us that living an eco-friendly life isn’t about forgoing showers or wearing hessian sacks.  They’re living proof that a sustainable life can also be a stylish one.  So, if you want to join the green living revolution but are in need of some inspiration, these are some majorly amazing women you should be following on Instagram.


Australian blog Green With Me is a goldmine for sustainable living inspiration—and their Instagram account is no different. It’s full of inspiring green living quotes, handy tips and beautiful travel photos that prove that we really do live on a planet worth saving.



At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is just a cool, minimalist fashion account. In reality, it’s that and so much more. The antithesis to fast fashion, it’s an online destination dedicated to showing people that becoming a conscious consumer doesn’t mean sacrificing style.



If you’re thinking about going zero waste (or even just reducing the amount you produce), Lauren Singer is the girl you should be following. The Trash Is For Tossers blogger documents her waste-free NYC lifestyle on her Instagram account and it’s hard not to feel inspired when you check out her feed.



Instagrammer Anita Vandyke is one seriously impressive woman. Not only is she a qualified rocket scientist, she has a great eye for creating gorgeous flatlays—which makes her Instagram feed a joy to look at. The Sydneysider is working towards a 100% waste-free lifestyle, so her feed is full of useful tips for people looking to do the same.



Chances are, you know Sarah Wilson as a journalist, present or the creator of I Quit Sugar.  But did you know she’s also a passionate sustainability advocate? Her personal feed is a great source of inspiration for anyone on a mission to reduce their food wastage (we love her creative use of leftovers to whip up delicious meals!)

OPENING PHOTO: Christian Vierig

Who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration?