There is something refreshing about taking a moment and decluttering your home.  During Winter it is easy to hibernate and accumulate one-too-many things that you don’t need.  Spring may not be here quite yet, but it’s coming.  So why wait until the weather gets nice to do your annual spring-cleaning?  If you want to get a jump-start on things, here are five ways you can begin to remove unnecessary items from your humble abode this very moment!

Wire hangers: You undoubtedly have loads of these from sending out your dry cleaning. Not only do they stretch and never really hold your clothes well, they also may be causing damage to your favourite pieces. It’s time to rid yourself of wire hangers and invest in a higher-quality version.

Old clothing: It’s time to go through your closet again. If you haven’t worn something in a year, put it in the donate pile.

Single socks: You’re never going to find the mates to the single socks in your sock drawer. Give up, buy some new socks, and invest in a lingerie bag that will keep them together in the wash.

Old bills and receipts: We’re in the tech age, so these physical copies have to go. Make scans of anything important and keep them backed up. It will save a ton of space.

Phone chargers for previous phones: Chances are, you’ve made an upgrade. Why hold onto odds and ends you’ll never use again?

OPENING PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

What’s your strategy to get ahead on spring-cleaning? Let us know in the comments!