If you’ve found yourself tossing and turning at night it could be any number of things that are working to affect your zzz’s.  There are infact many variables which contribute to our quality of sleep; these include stress-levels and whether or not we exercise.  A less obvious factor is what bedroom colours we choose to design or paint with.

The first thing to consider when selecting paint colours for bedrooms is temperature.  While warm colours advance toward the eye and appear more active, creating a stimulating effect, cool colours—the hues from blue green through blue violet, most grays included—tend to recede, producing a more calming and relaxing effect.

That said, there’s a lot of variation on the cool colour spectrum; a bright green and a pale blue can create spaces with drastically different vibes.  If cool colours aren’t your cup of tea, warm hues that are light and subtle, such as soft yellows or pinks, can also feel soothing.  We have turned to Pinterest to find a few of our favourite interior colours to act as inspiration for paint colours for bedrooms.  Don’t pick up a paintbrush without reading these tips first—we bet you’ll love your new bedroom colour.



Bedroom Colors — Dark Colors

PHOTO: Courtesy of Tali Roth