“Out of our own backyards”

Local organic produce delivered to your door, no plastics, just good stuff.

Ooooby started in 2008 when its founder, Pete, became aware that small-scale farmers were going out of business at an alarming rate. Acutely aware of the vital role that these farmers play in our personal health, our communities, economies and ecosystems, he set about reversing the trend.

It started as a network of food growers sharing information with each other in online forums and soon evolved into an online marketplace for small-scale farmers and artisan foodies to sell to the public. This meant less supply-chain costs for the growers, so they’re paid more for their crops without affecting the customer.

There are now Ooooby hubs in Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney and California, and the goal is to keep growing (pun intended) and do their part in passing on a healthy food system to future generations.