In a post war generation, before there were hippies, and on the cusp of a revolutionary break away from the confines of a white picket fenced future, Mods, Go Go’s and Beatniks roamed the earth. Looking back on archives, and indulging in classic cinematography from a decade so definitive, we’ve come to think that the babes and blokes of the 60’s could serve as a good refresher for our society’s model of what it means to be cool. 


It’s cool to stand for something.

Protests and standing up for social justice not only make for good photos decades later, they make a difference, make us human, and make us realise that our voice matters.




It’s cool to be casual. 

New age cinema concepts took off during these years- especially art house films by directors like Eric Rohmer, who birthed a most prominent aesthetic of cool in Europe. In which we saw women wearing mens shirts and jeans, not having to set their hair in contraptions and curlers before every outing, and just being comfortable with looking ordinarily lovely, understated, and real. Pop culture icons who also encouraged this style included Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, and Brigitte Bardot.



Music unites us.

We’ve all got the groove in us somewhere, and history tells us it’s just better when we enjoy it together.



It’s always a good time to dance.

The 60’s brought many iconic dance styles to life, such as ‘The Swim’, the ‘Mashed Potato, ‘The Twist’, and perhaps the most long standing off all, ‘The Shake,’ which we still seem to practice in crowded spaces today – in some form or another….