It’s quickly become that time again. Another 12 months have whizz-banged by, and what fun they have been!

As we reflect upon the year that was, we better see the world at large, as mainstream media outlets spit out a great conglomerate of ‘the year that was’ articles, sharing the glorious moments, the shock horror announcements, and the favourable triumphs of humanity that rest at the foot of it all.

Many things have classified an immense year for our nation, including a change of government, bringing home the America’s cup, and a rising NZ share market.

In regards to trends observed, the interest in simplified living is surely gaining more traction. Something that seems to resonate with our people more so every year as we remember the humble principles this country is lauded for…Also as we come to have a decent grasp of seeking to acquire and produce quality over quantity, and perhaps seek respite from a world that just seems to get more and more complicated.


We believe our own world is shaped by our thoughts, and of course, our thoughts are influenced by what we open ourselves to seeing.

So what will you be looking at in 2018?

As you look at our right now world, we want to ask you;

‘What do you want to see?’

‘How / what can you contribute?’


For us, this means diving deeper into the niche sector of publications centred on arts and culture, specifically highlighting the many talented and innovative New Zealanders we are fortunate to come across. We don’t want to just be another local food guide, we want to share stories of the people behind the products, the projects, and the places.

We have supported, and had the support, of many incredible business and brands since the first issue of Societe was published, and in order to continue on with the same reputation we are putting our heads together to consider ways we can deliver our content in an even more consistent way. This has meant more time spent fine tuning our online presence over the past six months, and keeping our arms open for worthy collaborations with more people who we greatly admire. We look forward to 2018, full of clarity and anticipation that our refined content will not only bring you entertainment and a hard copy treat in your hands twice a year, but that it will also contribute to shaping our society in ways that will bring community to a greater level of importance.

Because without the people, we don’t have anything.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support of Societe Magazine, and wish you a joyous New Year & holiday season – time spent with family, with sun on your skin, warm sand underfoot, long swims, and big languid rests when you need them.

Congrats on a fantastic year, and thanks again for having us be a part of it.




Image: Julie Lansom